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The grill and front bumper were replaced in 1999, following an accident. Two minor supports for the front clip were replaced with NOS, new old stock. The wheels are Keystone/Cragar. The tires are Goodyear Eagle GT's.
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From this view the Keystone/Cragar wheels stand out. Notice the dual exhaust with two Flowmaster mufflers. The sheet metal is very straight, the doors align and the bumper still looks great.
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A view of the door jams and new door weather stripping. Notice the original chrome door sills over the rocker panel. Not bad for over 30 years old.
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The bed or tonneau cover is built by Craftec Inc. What sets this one apart is that it sits inside of the new chrome bed trim. It's the only one I found that does not cover the trim. Notice the bed and sides have had a full Linx treatment.
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Good view of the Elky parked at work one day.. Notice the bed cover sits nicely inside the new chrome bed trim.

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