The Steve Sampson Family - Down Through the Ages

2021 - The move from sunny Tucson to Bloomington, Il, (where Marcia's sisters reside)

2019 - Life moves slowly on; Erik & Stephanie move to Tucson (hurrah!)

2019: Steve's Vintage 1986 El Camino - SOLD

The Elky may be gone, but the links to images are still here. Elky was Steve's pride and joy and he spend many an hour working on it. He only drove it on a few sunny days, avoiding rain and snow. Watch its transformation through pictures. Enjoy.

2006 - We move from North Andover, MA, to Tucson, AZ

Welcome to the Sampson Family Chronicles!

If you've a hunkering for the old wild west, stop in.

In 2006, we decided the New England winters were getting us down. So, between Ebay, our favorite realtor and Craig's List, we unloaded the house and trappings ... packed up our cowboy boots and drove West. (If you think of trying this, one tip: you're not as young as you once were. Get hotels each night; don't try to sleep in the car for a fresh start. It doesn't happen.)

And the GREAT ADVENTURE began. read more ...

Left to right:
1. Yes, they have mountain lions in Arizona. These at Arizona Desert Museum.
2. Tucson Rodeo with friend Jan from Minnesota.
3. Wearing our cowboy hats while we cheer the bronco-busters.
4. Gorgeous sunsets are one of the perks of living in Arizona.
5. Erik and Matt - family trip to Florida
6. Erik and Stephanie
7. The boys tour World War II B-24 visiting Marana Airport.
8. Cousin Sandi and Koala during trip Down Under.
9. Spring in Vermont — Joanie sends this pic of new baby lambs.