The Great Southwest – Summer 2000

We started our Great Southwest 2000 summer vacation in Las Vegas, driving through six states--Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Utah--returning home from Salt Lake City, Utah. The "red" line, of course, approximates our path through the old west.

Each stop along the way was a place we'd only read about and, in most cases, researched on the internet. Our final destination was the Grand Tetons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where we celebrated the first-ever family reunion of the Sampson cousins--some of whom had never met each other.

Along the way, we stayed at two haunted inns, a former bordello and a dude ranch. Did places match up to their Internet presence? In most cases, yes...and some went way beyond! Only the "John Wayne" was less than as advertised.

Join us now for a pictorial travelogue...through Grand Canyon and the Grand Tetons, some funny family shots, and one strange ghost(!!??). You can navigate the site through the file folders at left. Just click on the Southwest folder and pick a place to start...or follow us from Las Vegas.

If you can't see all the pictues, click on "RELOAD" and wait for everything to reload. If the menu folder doesn't appear correctly, try hitting "RELOAD". In most cases, it's a matter of waiting until everything is in memory before you can see all the images.