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Marcia Sampson
e-mail: offices@sampson4.com
web site: www.sampson4.com


Coding: ASP, XML/XSL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Platforms: Windows and Macintosh
Tools & Applications:
HTML/XML editors: Microsoft Interdev & Web Designer, Textpad, XML Spy and WYSIWYG editors (Allaire's HomeSite, Symantec Visual Page, Microsoft Front Page, Adobe PageMill)
Open Source Java-based: Eclipse, Magnolia
Version control/bug tracking: Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Bugzilla, Open Source CVS
Database: SQL Server and Enterprise Manager, Oracle, Access, Excel
Browsers: IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge
Page Layout: QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign (aka Aldus Pagemaker)
Other: Microsoft Suite, Adobe Photoshop & ImageReady, Microsoft Visio, Adobe Acrobat, others.


40+ years of Web Site development for major vendors, as well as desktop application experience.


Free-lancing occasional coding jobs and creating media presence for Twigs Estate Sales (www.twigsestatesales.com) including Facebook and YouTube. Looking into new HTML/CSS/JS functionalities and testing usability on web builders.

NLG – (worldtravelholdings.com)
National Leisure Group (NLG) – now World Travel Holdings (WTH) – is a multi-brand travel distributor. Started as a consultant and then as an employee for 13 years. Company markets cruises through their own sites (CruisesOnly, Cruises.com, and others) and through licensed partner brands such as BJ's, Priceline, American Airlines and many others. Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Magnolia to create, updating and maintain sites.

Password-protected monthly newsletter for GSLI employees; HTML, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, Photoshop

Intranet web site individualized to client; logon security; ADO access to Excel; browser-based management tools; NT with IIS, SQL, HTML, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript

FIDELITY – (intranet)
Development of intranet web sites utilizing SQL and Oracle database connectivity, NT with IIS, logon security, interactive database use with browser front-end for insert/updates. Database driven HTML output; VBScript, JavaScript

Internet site development, including GM Card, Oxygen, Northern Light accounts for Mullen Advertising Agency in Wenham, MA; sites, banner ads; utilizing HTML, Javascript; multi-company projects with secuity, database.

GETRONICS – (intranet)
HTML construction for Getronics Virtual University worldwide intranet.

ZIFF-DAVIS PCWeek Developed Microsoft Word template macros, toolbars, dialogs for editorial workflow and HTML-encoding. DHTML, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScripts.

Product Marketing Manager for Renaissance Design Software (Macintosh). Experienced in all phases of product development, beta testing, documentation, packaging, promotion, pricing, introduction.

Consultant to The National, NYC-based daily sports newspaper, on operation of Scitex Visionary mac-based page layout system

Published in a number of publications including Electronic Publishing, Color Publishing, Desktop Publishing.

Prior Employers Include:
Atex, Project Manager
Scitex, Marketing Product Support Specialist
Intertext, Marketing Account Manager
Itek Large Systems Operations, Marketing Coordinator
Daily Pantagraph, Reporter and Copy Editor